pagan t-shirts

Pagan t-shirts

100% cotton t-shirts, made in Serbia, with a digital print directly on the fabric. The manufacturer does not use decals.

Care: Wash and iron on reverse, use cold water up to 30 degrees Celsius and a mild detergent. Do not iron the print.

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  • STRIBOG, t-shirt, Rod - Serbia

    Catalogue number: TTS213
    Price: 25.00 €
    Stribog is a God of winds, storms, tempests, good and bad weather. He was pictured as an old man with a hunter’s horn. He would use this horn to wake up the winds, his grandchildren. This is why many military leaders identify with Stribog and make him their idol. Many princess  would also build his…
  • PERUN, Slavic t-shirt, Rod - Serbia

    Catalogue number: TTS217
    Price: 25.00 €
    Perun is the mightiest of all Slavic Gods, god of princess and knights, invincible warrior, the creator of thunder and lightning. He maintains order in the Universe, grants victory in battle and protects the state and its rulers. Of all the gods, he has the closest relationship with the mankind,…
  • SVAROG, Slavic t-shirt, Serbia

    Catalogue number: TTS216
    Price: 25.00 €
    Svarog is the son of Rod, the Sun God, the Father of our Universe and everything in it. Svarog is the Blacksmith of the Heavens. He created all of the other gods from the sparks of white flame from the Alatyr stone. He is the creator and the guardian of the sacred fire and is believed to be…
  • BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF, t-shirt, Rod - Serbia

    Catalogue number: TTS121
    Price: 25.00 €
    The text on the shirt says: "Glory to the Brotherhood of Wolves! Glory to descendants of Dajbog, the wolf pack from Helm!" Helm is the original name for Balkan. The design represents the continuity and survival of the tribe from pre-Christian times all the way until today. It's a methaphysical…
  • DOUBLE KOLOVRAT, t-shirt, Rod - Serbia

    Catalogue number: TTS115
    Price: 25.00 €
    Double Kolovrat (double spinning Sun wheel) reflects the eternal connection of Jav - the physical world we live in, and Nav - the spiritual world in which our glorious ancestors live.Constant turning and interaction of these two worlds demonstrates their strong spiritual connection. Together they…
  • PERUNIKA, t-shirt, Rod - Serbia

    Catalogue number: TTS116
    Price: 25.00 €
    Perunika (Iris) is the symbol of Perun, God of Thunder, the most powerful God of the Slavic pantheon. This symbol was worn on the chests of the glorious knights in Slavic history. It was believed to evoke hidden powers. Warriors wore it with pride and our ancestors regarded it as the best…
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