Roman and Celtic Helmets

Roman and Celtic Helmets

Roman and Celtic Helmets: Montefortino helmet, Coolus helmet, Imperial Gallic helmet, Imperial Italic helmet, Agen-Port Helmet and many others.

Our helmets are custom made, we need to know your head measurements including circumference.

  • Material iron plate (1 - 1.5 mm)
  • All helmets can be covered by dark patina


* Required measurements are:

A - head circumference
B - distance from the forehead to back of the head
C - distance between temples

Depending on the helmet type we can ask you for the other measurements from the picture.

79 €682 €
  • Imperial Gallic Face Helmet

    Catalogue number: HGO165
    Price: 225.00 €
    Price before discount: 229.00 €
    - +
    This Imperial Gallic Face helmet is a copy of an original museum helmet that is now part of the Shelby/White Collection NY USA. The helmet is an early Augustian period cavalry helmet. The mask is of the Kalkriese type, which fits beneath the cheek guards and it does not include integral ears.
  • Celtic Helmet, steel

    Catalogue number: HRC42
    Price: 115.00 €
    This Celtic Helmet is inspired by a collection piece at The Royal Armouries in The Tower of London. Material 18 gauge steel Rounded topknot and hinged cheek plates Size: 7.5" x 9" Circumference: 27" Weight: approx. 1.5 kg (3.30 lb)
  • Celtic fantasy Helmet, brass

    Catalogue number: HRC41
    Price: 210.00 €

    Celtic Fantasy brass helmet. Richly decorated helmet for theatre and film.

    • Material brass
  • Greek Helmet with Plume

    Catalogue number: HRC40
    Price: 169.00 €
    Price before discount: 179.00 €
    - +
    Classic Greek (Italo Corinthian) brass helmet with blond plume. Corinthian helmet originated in ancient Greece and took its name from the city-state of Corinth, made from bronze. A large curved projection protected the nape of the neck. Material: 1.3 mm brass 
  • Roman infantry helmet, 1st cent. AD Coolus G

    Catalogue number: HRC39
    Price: 165.00 €
    - +

    The Coolus helmet is a type of Celtic and Romanbrass helmet. Like the Montefortino helmet this helmet was of Celtic origin.

    • Material brass
    • Weight 1.5 kg
  • Gladiator Helmet, fantasy

    Catalogue number: HOT49
    Price: 79.00 €
    Price before discount: 87.00 €
    - +

    Fantasy helmet inspired by the Gladiators.

    • Material: Steel
  • Thracian - Phrygian Helm

    Catalogue number: HGO155
    Price: 115.00 €
    Price before discount: 119.00 €
    - +

    Phrygian helmet (some sources say Thracian), popular with the Macedonians during Alexander's time.  

    • Material 18 gauge steel
  • GALEA, Roman Centurion Helmet

    Catalogue number: HRC36
    Price: 129.00 €
    - +

    A galea is a Roman soldier's helmet, whose desing was inspired by Celtic helmets.

    • The crest is included

    Catalogue number: HRC35
    Price: 150.00 €
    - +

    An ancient Greek helmet reproduction, of the Spartan type.  Imported.

  • ROMAN LEGIONARY HELMET for reenactment

    Catalogue number: HRC34
    Price: 175.00 €

    Reenactor's Roman Legionaire's helmet.  

    • Material: 18 gauge steel
  • PRAETORIAN or ROMAN TRIBUN HELMET, collectible replica

    Catalogue number: HRC26
    Price: 310.00 €
    - +

    Roman Praetorian or Tribune's helmet, of collectible replica quality.

  • ROMAN HELMET, Imperial Gallic H, Augsburg-Oberhausen

    Catalogue number: HRC28
    Price: 129.00 €
    - +
    Collectible quality Roman helmet, the Imperial Gallic H, Augsburg-Oberhausen. This helmet is classified by Robinson as Imperial Italic H and is one of the best-preserved Roman Imperial helmets to have survived from antiquity. The Gallic H has different style eyebrows and a more sloping neck…
  • ROMAN HELMET, Imperial Italic D, MAINZ

    Catalogue number: HRC29
    Price: 125.00 €
    Price before discount: 128.00 €
    - +
    Historically accurate and authentic design, copy of the Imperial Italic, D. Mainz Roman helmet. Suitable for reenactors. Made of 18 gauge steel  
  • BRASS GLADIATOR HELMET, collectible replica

    Catalogue number: HRC30
    Price: 205.00 €
    Price before discount: 264.00 €
    - +

    Collectible replica of a Roman gladiator's helmet.  

    • Material: brass
  • Iron Age Celtic Helmet Port Bei Nedau, collectible replica

    Catalogue number: HRC31
    Price: 89.00 €
    - +

    Iron Age Celtic Helmet Port Bei Nedau, collectible replica.

  • Weiler type helmet from Xanten, collectible replica

    Catalogue number: HRC32
    Price: 225.00 €
    - +

    Reproduction of a Roman cavalry helmet, found in Xanten, now in Germany. The original is now exhibited in the Landesmuseum in Bonn.

  • CELTIC - ROMAN HELMET, type of MONTEFORTINO, brass, collectible replica

    Catalogue number: HRC27
    Price: 155.00 €
    - +

    Montefortino type Celtic - Roman helmet.  Collectible replica.  

    • Material: brass
  • CELTIC HELMET, Port type

    Catalogue number: HRC25
    Price: 330.00 €

    Hand made CELTIC HELMET.  

    • Material 18 gauge steel
    • Manufactured in the Czech Republic
  • Gladiator Helmet, eagle and medusa

    Catalogue number: HRC24
    Price: 570.00 €
    Thracian Gladiator helmet with eagle crest and medusa decoration. Covered by patina. Custom-made helmet for collectors and new gladiators.
  • Celtic Montefortino Helmet

    Catalogue number: HRC23
    Price: 119.00 €
    Price before discount: 128.00 €
    - +

    Replica of a Celtic Montefortino Helmet.

    • Weight approx. 1.3 kg