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LEATHER Products

Custom-made leather products, belts and pouches, furs.

We make custom-made bags and historical and modern leather belts to suit your needs. We also deal in furs and hides. We also offer leather sheaths for knives, belt bags for carrying documents, leather flasks, and fashion accessories (bracelets, pendants, key chains, etc.). If you are looking for a nice gift,that is suitable for almost anyone, have a look through our selection of wallets and leather book covers. The handy types who engage in leather crafting, especially saddlery, will want to take a look at our wide assortment of buckles and other accessories of the trade.

We offer LARP (Live Action Role-Playing) and Historical European Martial Arts (Western martial artsarmor and leather equipment. Our items of quality leather armour (gauntlets and bracers) are very popular. You can also purchase accessories for historical clothing.


Medieval Leather Belts | celtic, viking, medieval, Manufacturer

Medieval and modern leather belts. We have a wide selection of leather histrocial belts (viking and celtic belts) and country belts, and we also make luxurious belts for ladies and gentlemen with silver buckles and ornaments. We can make a custom leather belt: just choose your own combination of color, buckle and ornaments. We take great pride in the quality of the materials we use and our craftsmanship.

bags, sporrans

Bags, handbags | Historical Leather Works - sporrans

Leather belt bags, pouches and purses - accessories made from leather for fencers, history lovers, and all those who appreciate traditional craftsmanship and a timeless style. In this section you will find leather accessories for many different historical eras - we have Celtic and Roman bags, Viking-style pouches, medieval fashion accessories, and items that will help you complete your Renaissance look. You may also like our Scottish sporrans. If nothing on our pages is quite right, let us make a custom bag for you that can be hand decorated with engraving or stamping.

belt accessories

Historic Belt Buckles | Accessories, Wholesale

A wide selection of metal buckles for historical belts (Roman, Viking, medieval, Renaissance and Baroque eras) as well as for modern leather belts. Most of the buckles are made from cast pewter, or they are forged in the smithy. Besides buckles, we also offer decorative rivets and belt tips. Wholesale customers will receive very attractive pricing offers.

custom made belts

custom made belts

Design your own bucle and choose a leather strap, and together we will craft a unique accessory for your outfit.

Alternatively, you may pick the one for you among these types: western, rockabilly, goth, patriot...


Leather Bottles, Historical Flasks | Re-enactment Shop Store

Leather Bottles for re-enactment. When you’re going to an event, consider every detail, including what you will be drinking from. You might be in the market for a leather bottle treated with wax on its inner surface, which makes a worthy accessory for your costume. Some of our other flasks are made from glass or metal (Western bottles) covered with leather.

whips, books covers, other

WHIPS, Book covers | leather whips, sticks, collars

Whips, books covers. Here you may discover something you have not encountered elsewhere. You have the opportunity to let a professional whip maker braid a whip (stock, riding or erotic whip), or perhaps a cat o’ nine tails. A leather book cover or diary with an intriguing image on the cover makes a great gift for those choosy and hard-to-shop-for friends. Other leather products include key rings, glasses cases and dog collars.


Leather Bracelets | Wristbands, men, women

Leather jewellery, especially in the form of bracelets, wristbands and bracers, is one of the oldest types of adornment. Its popularity never really faded, it is affordable, widely available, and it also has the advantages over some other materials of being resistant to breakage and very comfortable to wear. Here you can choose from a wide range of engraved and stamped models. We have designed our own patterns for these pieces and we enjoy combining various methods of decorating the leather with metal appliques such as rivets and pendants. These bracelets are especially popular among those who love hard music (rock and metal) and powerful motors (biker fashion).

hair clips, accessories, jewellery

Hairpins | leather clasps, brooches, jewelry

Leather fashion accessories and jewellery - hair clips. Hand engraved leather clips for your hair, made in the Czech Republic. Handmade leather jewellery: earrings, pendants, and necklaces. Our hair brooches have two types of closure. One has a pin that passes through two holes on either side of your gathered hair, and the other has a metal clip underneath.

leather care, dyes and stains

LEATHER CARE | impregnation, protection, cleaning, dye

Products for cleaning, protection and waterproofing leather, as well as dyes, stains and lacquer. Everything you need to take great care of your shoes, leather armour, motorcycle bag, or leather seats.

historical shoemaking

Historical Shoemaking | Medieval, Viking Shoes

Historical shoes in stock and custom made shoes from the Roman period, Early Medieval (Viking and Slavs), Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.

leather stamps

leather stamps

Leather stamps - tools for decorating leather (Western, Celtic, Medieval). Ornaments, roll dyes, alphabets and sets of letters.


Wallets, notecases | Leather men, women

Leather Wallets - unconventional wallets with historical and fantasy designs. Hand engraved leather wallets with change pockets, document bags that attach to your belt and other leather products for modern day life. Would you like a wallet with your family crest or initials on it? Write to us and we will be happy to make it for you.

leather material, furs

Leather material, reindeer furs | Skins

Hide and furs are offered here.. Materials for those who work in saddlery or leather crafting: leather, parchment, vellum - raw hide, for example, for making the edges of shields.

leathercraft tools

Saddlery tools | Leathercraft works SHOP

Equipment and tools for leather working for saddlers and bag makers.

riding shop - horse saddles

Riding equipment Horses | saddlery, saddles Store

Riding and horsemanship supplies: saddles, tack and harness, accessories.

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