altar tools

Altar tools

Altar tools - altar bells, altar cloths, altar tables and stands, altar tiles.

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  • ORACLE, crystal glass ball

    Catalogue number: ATO32
    Price: $36.65
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    Crystal glass prophetic item. Will it show your future?

    • 11 cm diameter
    • import: England
  • Mother Maiden & Crone Chalice

    Catalogue number: ATO30
    Price: $42.97
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    Hand Painted Mother Maiden & Crone GOBLET with Ivy Detailing. material artficial resin total height 20.5 cm diameter at the top 9.5 cm volume 250 ml washable stainless steel insert imported from the UK   Import: Great Britain
  • Crystal Ball Stand Maiden Mother Crone With Glass Ball

    Catalogue number: ATO27
    Price: $78.36
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    Crystal Ball Stand - Maiden, Mother and Crone, including glass ball. The stand is hand painted. Imported from the UK. material solid resin, glass stand diameter 12 cm ball diameter 11 cm 
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