Runes - hancrafted wooden, glass, mineral or tin runes.

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  • TROLL CROSS, Odal Rune, pendant, sterling silver

    Catalogue number: FGJ239
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    So called Troll Cross is a strong protective symbol of the old Scandinavian folklore. It protects people, animals and homes against evil and it will help you in a forrest if you encounter trolls and other unfriendly creatures. The pendant is based on the rune called Othila, a strong Germanic…
  • TROLL CROSS, bronze viking pendant

    Catalogue number: BHJ107
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    Troll Cross Bronze Pendant amulet in a shape of Odal rune,  originally used to be worn as a protection against Trolls.

    • Material: bronze
    • Size: 2.2 x 3.2 cm
  • Elder Futhark Rune Set - Snowflake Obsidian

    Catalogue number: CJW156
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    Obsidian Rune Set consisting of 24 tumbled, polished snowflake obsidian gemstone runes handcrafted with engraved, painted lettering.  Snowflake Obsidian is associated with absorbing negativity, and enhancing serenity. Runes are typically used as divination tool to obtain information from the higher…
  • RUNES, Wholesale Lot of 24 pcs with leather cords

    Catalogue number: WSL2
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    Discounted set of 24 pieces of Runic Pendants, with a free leather cord for each piece. For re-sellers and for those looking for a larger amount of presents. Material: pewter
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