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Living History, Crafts

Reenacting and Living History Shop.  Equipment for the Bronze Age Reenacting, Iron Age (Celtic), Viking Age, Medieval, Native Americans (North American Indians) or Renaissance Reenactors - leather products, hand-carved bone replicas (needles, pins, bone combs), forged ancient and medieval knives, ancient bronze talismans and Celtic statues, Native American Beadwork.

These goods are of such quality that they could have been made and used by our ancient ancestors.


Europe, Living History Bronze Age, Iron Age, Middle Ages, Museal Replicas, Reenacting

This category offers to you products that are unique in origin or in the manufacturing process. Most of them could be considered as museal replicas. These products are mostly made of wood, bone, bronze or iron. Other products suitable for reenactors or collectors you will find also in other subcategories on our historical web.

historical glass beads, replica

Wholesale Producer Historical Glass Beads, Replica

The history of glass beads can be put into the region of ancient Egypt and the Middle East. In ancient Europe, were beads very popular among the Celts. In the Middle Ages, the main production of this fashion accessory has moved to Venice. The popularity of glass beads can be demonstrated by the fact that the glass beads were  popular in the far north during the Viking reign.


Historical Crafts Drugstore
Drugstore - oils, waxes, gypsum etc.

prehistoric ages

Prehistoric Ages Flint Tools
Prehistoric Ages - Flint Tools, Models of an primaeval man - figurines, tools and prehistoric human art.

deer antler products

Deer Antler Products Viking Accessories
Deer Antler Accessories - Slavic and Viking pendants, deer antler salt cases and bone needle cases, dices, viking antler pendants, bone belt buckles.

craftsman tools, acessory

Living History Reenactment craftsman tools, acessory
Craftsman tools and acessories for re-enactors. Tools, needles, waxed thread.


Historical Natural Pigments
Historical Pigments for re-enactment crafts.

native americans

Native Americans

Native American Beadwork.We bring you precise hand-work that is made by an European Indian who makes this over 40 years. For Indian beaded items are used very famous Czech beads from Jablonex company which are commonly nowadays used and sold on the Great Plains by living original Americans.

Native American Silver Jewels

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