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Wood-carved Pieces, Marionettes, Canes

We fill this category with many quality useful wooden dining items (wooden plates, wooden dishes, wooden forks, wooden spoons etc.) and original well-carved decorative products such as wood carved sculptures, wood carved furniture and wood carved wall plaques.  Custom made items are possible, just contact us with your requirements for a quote.

dishes, spoons, cooperage

Cooperage, Wooden Plates, Wooden Dishes, Hand Carved Wooden Spoons, Hand carved Cups

Wooden dining utensils for your stylish banquets: Wooden Plates, Wooden Dishes, Hand Carved Wooden Spoons, Hand Carved Wooden Cups, Mugs, Barrels, Traditional Cooperage.

wooden statues, plaques, boxes

Wooden Statues, Historical Statues, Idols, Thunderbird Totems, Celtic Wooden Figurines

Our hand-carved wooden statues and wall decorations can become very stylish part of your interior or garden. Origin of these products comes mostly from the area of the Carpathian Mountains where probably most skillful wood-carvers are born. Some custom made carvings are also possible, but it can take longer time to make it.

carved marionettes

Hand carved marionettes Czech

Hand carved original marionettes from Kati workshop and workshop of Richard "Rici" Kuklík.  Made in the Czech Republic.

"I believe that the connection between a marionette and it's creator reflects some larger principle of our existence in this universe," says Richard "Rici" Kuklík when asked about his philosophy. From the position of one of Prague's most successful and accomplished marionette artists, it seems he knows what he's talking about. "If there isn't a universal plan for all things per se, there surely is at least some kind of universal order and connection. Some metaphorical strings are always attached, to all of us."

Walking Canes

Walking Canes

Beautiful woodcarved and molded walking stick and canes that will bring you a good mood, evoke pleasant memories and make your life a more comfortable.

We use only High quality gras materials like Solid Wood, Brass, Art Stone (ECO Polymer) and traditional craft technologies.

Every product is created with love and embedded a talent of gifted artists: sculptors, painters or woodcarvers.

Made in the Carpathian Mountains.

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