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Moldavites - gemstones, minerals, fossils and tools.

Moldavitesjewellery with gemstones, Czech Garnets, Minerals, Rocks and Fossils. Wholesale prices are available.

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Czech Moldavites Wholesale Besednice Locality

Genuine Czech Moldavites (Vltavin). Jewellery with Moldavites - WHOLESALE.

is a green meteorite glass that was formed during a meteorite impact. It is named after the Czech river of Vltava (the Moldau).

Moldavites were formed 14.5 mil. years ago in the area of Nördlinger (Bavaria, Germany), where the crater of Ries was created (24 km in diameter) after a meteorite crash. We believe the meteorite was 1 km in diameter large. The impact caused melting of sedimentary rocks which were hurled into the air, where they cooled and then fell down in areas about 250 km distant.

Moldavites are very rare and unfortunatelly there are companies on the market selling false moldavites. We select moldavites of the finest quality directly from collectors and we guarantee the origin of our Moldavites.

Wulflund Moldavite Jewellery

We are probably the first jeweller who created a "BOHEMIAN JEWEL" (Bohemia - part of the Czech Rep.) by combining moldavites and old jewellery making methods of granulation and filigree, methods very popular in the early medieval Great Moravian Empire.

Did you know that ...
-W.Churchill always carried a moldavite in his pocket?
-Elisabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom, was presented with a Tiara, in which the central gem was a natural Moldavite, by the Swiss Government
-in Sountern Bohemia (where moldavites are found) every young man gave his fiancée a moldavite as a token of love.

Our jewellery has a cosmic soul and memory of the Earth.

Moldavites Moldavite Shop Value Properties
Here are some of our official certificates proving the natural origin of our moldavites:

Vlavíny - obchod v Praze Vlavíny - obchod v Praze

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