other helmets

Other helmets

Replica helmets for reenactors: Japanese and Samurai helmet (Kabuto, Myochin, Saotome), European Helmets (Lobstertail Helmet, Pappenheim Helmet, Renaissance Helmets, Fantasy Helmets, Polish Winged Hussars Szyszak Helmet). All helmets are custom made, please send us the measurement of your head circumference. Material: iron plate (1 - 1.5 mm).


* Required measurements are:

A - head circumference
B - distance from the forehead to back of the head
C - distance between temples

Dependant on the type of the helmet we can ask you for the other measurements from the picture.

270.84 $1 892.65 $
  • $270.84 Catalogue number: HOT35 3-4 weeks
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  • $391.32 Catalogue number: HOT24 5-7 weeks
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