MORION luxury etched helmet

10-25 weeks
(catalogue number: HEL7457)

Uniquely crafted etched morionfor collector's purposes. From time to time we put up such a luxury helmet, it is a one piece production and if the helmet is not in stock, the waiting time can be up to half a year.

  • Made in Czech Republic

Morion (morrión in Spanish) is a type of helmet that was used until the early 16th century. It was most popular among the pikemen, and later it was also used by the town and personal guards. The morion evolved into the cabasset at the end of the 16th century. To this day, the morion is still used by the Swiss Guard in the Vatican. Its introduction coincided with the exploration of North, Central and South America. Explorers such as Hernando de Soto and Coronado may have provided them to their foot soldiers in the 1640s.

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