bows, crossbows

Bows, crossbows

Wooden bows for traditional historical archery. The material used for English longbows is usually ash wood. We offer also crossbows. For your pleasure, we also offer hand crafted arrows.

For hand-forged arrowheads (in the shape of a leaf, pyramid or sunken), our blacksmiths used hard spring carbon steel. The arrowheads are hammered, annealed, sharpened, quenched in rapeseed oil and annealed, then polished with stones. They have a minimum hardness of 60 HRC and approach the qualities of the quenchable steel used in the past.

Another specialty we offer is welded arrowheads. Hard steel used to be expensive, so weapons were made by welding blades made from hard steel onto softer, cheaper, iron. The part of the head that fastens onto the shaft is forged from soft iron and a piece of hard carbon steel is welded onto the leaf of the arrowhead. Then the point is annealed, sharpened, tempered and etched in vinegar (the last procedure is only significant for its cosmetic effects: Damascus steel is also etched in a similar way.

Hand crafted arrows: Arrows made from spruce, or sometimes other woods if requested. The shafts are shaped by hand, and they have chiselled grooves to hold the fletching from goose/turkey feathers, which are attached with pitch and wound around with pack thread. The length of the arrows is about 80 cm, with a diameter of about 8 mm, or we can arrange other dimensions for a custom order.

7.58 $422.14 $
  • ARROWHEAD Medieval Bodkin point

    Catalogue number: ARC75
    Price: $8.85
    Availability: In stock
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    Hand forged arrowhead  - Medieval Bodkin point.

    • 10mm dia
    • Overall length 75-85mm
  • Forged Arrowhead - leaf

    Catalogue number: FPR267
    Price: $7.58
    Availability: In stock
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    Forged Arrowhead - leaf.

    • Length: 7 cm
    • Diameter: 1.1 cm

    Catalogue number: BOW15
    Price: $254.04
    Availability: In stock
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    Custom Made Ash Bow.

    • strenght and length according to your specification
    • 2-4 weeks delivery time
  • CROSSBOW - functional replica - miniature

    Catalogue number: BOW10
    Price: $166.83
    Availability: 6-8 weeks
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    Rarity among crossbows - Fully Functional Miniature Crossbow.

    • Length of body cca 20 cm
    • Price includes one crossbow arrow
    • Handmade in the Czech Rep

    Catalogue number: BOW11
    Price: $224.97
    Availability: In stock
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    Fully functional replica.

    • Length: cca 35 - 40 cm
    • Draw weight 40 lb

    Catalogue number: BOW07
    Price: $422.14
    Availability: 6-12 weeks
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    Historical Practice Crossbow, suitable even for beginners. Limbs are made from laminate, which has less "memory effect" than wooden bows and make the crossbow more suitabe for shooting and practice. Stock made from plum-tree wood Calibre: 11 mm Overall measurements: 63 x 75 cm Standard draw…

    Catalogue number: BOW02
    Price: $20.22
    Availability: In stock
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    Living History Arrow with Forged Arrowhead, goose feathers (fletchings) and natural resin instead of glue. It takes 1 hour to make one arrow. Material for shaft: spurce or ash Length: 40 cm
  • BOW ARROW - living history

    Catalogue number: BOW03
    Price: $21.49
    Availability: 2-3 weeks
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    Living history Arrow with Forged Arrowhead with goose feathers (fletchings) and natural resin instead of glue. It takes 1 hour to make one arrow. shaft material: spurce or ash length 80 - 90 cm

    Catalogue number: BOW04
    Price: $10.11
    Availability: In 1 week
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    • Material: iron

    Catalogue number: BOW05
    Price: $10.11
    Availability: In stock
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    • Material: iron

    Catalogue number: BOW06
    Price: $10.11
    Availability: In stock
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    • Material: iron

    Catalogue number: BOW01
    Price: $160.51
    Availability: 4-6 weeks
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    Custum Made English Bow from period materials, with the exeption of the bowstring, which is made from tried and tested artificial material. On request we can deliver period bowstring instead. material ash wood length 1,5 - 2,2 m strenght 15 - 30 kg shoting range 70 - 140 m impregnated with…
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