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Wulflund shop for Re-enactors

Wulflund - Pagan shop. Manufacturer of functional swords, historical knives, sterling silver jewellery (Celtic, viking, Slavic and medieval jewellery replicas) and leather accessories for re-enactors.

Go back with us to the times when the pagan Gods ruled the world (They still rule!), when nature gave and took, and when man was in harmony with the world.  Despite the passing of time, the old ways have never disappeared from our hearts, join us, it is time to rediscover the path!

Visit our workshops and check our our references (Film Productions - Walt Disney, merchandise - Wardruna, Battle of Nations).

Wulflundhistorisk butikk i Norge nå! - Wulflund has a representative in Norway. Check  here our other worldwide dealers.

Wulflund - Norway

Vikings - we are crafting for History Channel

Our workshops

Wholesale - large volumes for even better prices


swords armour shop

Wuflund ARMOURY - click for more details

Practical Stage Combat Swords (battle ready weapons) for reenactors. High quality European production. Functional armour, forged knives, daggers, polearms, axes and equipment for historical fencing.

After many years in the re-enactment society and in this business we can proudly announce that we have our own arms & armour marque.  Our weapons are constructed for historical fencing.  We accept orders for custom made swords other weapons and armour.  We have a 2 year guarantee service.

Silver Jewellery Wholesale

Sterling Silver Jewellery - Ancient (Celtic and Roman)  jewellery, medieval (Viking and Gothic) and modern (fantasy/fairy) jewellery.  Necklaces, earrings, pins, bracelets and rings.  Hand made (filigree and granulated replicas) and cast jewellery.  Import - Export - Custom made production.  Wholesale Store.



Retail and wholesale business since 2005, worldwide shipping, physical stores in Prague, our own manufacture of products, film industry - cooperation with film companies and the video gaming industry.

On our site you can find

Jewellery: ( silver jewellery, costume jewellery, celtic, slavic and viking jewellerys, amulets and talismans, celtic fashion, earrings, fantasy jewellery with gemstones, silver bracelets)

Equipment for reenactment and LARP: sword making (swords, rapiers, Japanese katanas, daggers), forged knives and  armour (helmets, shields, suits of armour), historical clothing and historical footwear

Decorations: (interior, garden architecture, wood carved products, military tin figures)

Pottery and glass: historical ceramics, replicas of historical glass

Horns and horn products: signal horns and drinking horns (import, export)

Pagan and rock fashion: rock, metal, goth and pagan fashion

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