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Ceramics and Glass

Handmade Historical Ceramics and Glass; replicas of medieval and Roman oil lamps, Iron Age Pottery (Celtic ceramics), Medieval pottery, Renaissance Ceramics and Glass - dishes, mugs and cups, Slavic Pottery.

Another trade the Czechs have mastered is glassmaking. In particular, the distinctive green historical glass (sometimes called “forest glass”) has found a wide circle of admirers. Treat yourself to the beauty of Roman glass bowls and vessels, or Viking glass with its complex ornamentation. We also make medieval Gothic goblets and Renaissance glasses in gift boxes ready to give (or to keep and treasure!).

In addition we have many highly skilled ceramic artists in our country. Even now in the 21st century the cottage industry of historical ceramics (fired in an outdoor wood kiln) is still a living tradition. Go forth into battle with a sword and a shield, and after the battle be of good cheer with mead and ale in a hall illuminated by one of these ceramic oil lamps.

historical glass

VIKING and MEDIEVAL GLASS | replica | hand made Czech

Historical glass - replicas of ancient (Roman), medieval (viking, early and late medieval), and renaissance glass. Handmade in the Czech Republic, in a historical centre of medieval glass production.

Historical Glass has fascinated people throughout the ages, so it’s no wonder that the craft of making replicas of historical glass vessels still remains a vital tradition. Green glass, sometimes called forest glass is crafted using traditional methods that have been handed down from one generation to the next in Bohemia (Czech Republic) since the 14th century. The products are hand blown. The presence of tiny bubbles in this glass, as well as its pleasant green coloration make it unmistakeably unique. Our selection of vessels includes ancient glass, medieval goblets and Renaissance glass. Our company is actively involved in designing and manufacturing attractive pieces of historical glass accented with tin, which can be seen and ordered here.

historical ceramics

Historical Ceramics | Replicas Medieval, Celtic, Viking Pottery

Replicas of historical ceramicsCeltic goblets and bowls, early medieval and Gothic ceramics, Viking and Slavic chalices, plates and pitchers. Most of our ceramic products are fired in an outdoor wood kiln, which is why this type of ware is called “black” or “smoked ceramics”. It is done by first filling up the kiln with as much wood as possible and then making the firing chamber airtight. The smoke, and the carbon contained within it - thanks to a reduction process  - closes up the pores in the clay and leaves a black surface on the pieces. These vessels are glazed within and safe to use with food.

oil lamps, candle holders

Oil lamps | Medieval Candle Holders

Oil lamps for re-enactment. Evening get-togethers in a period camp or twilight on your balcony are more atmospheric when you light a Roman ceramic oil lamp, and a sure way to make your room more romantic is to illuminate it with medieval candle holders.

hunting-themed ceramics, animals

Hunting Ceramics | Animals | Mugs, Gifts Shop Store

Original and very popular ceramic products depicting animals, Nature and hunting themes. Besides the traditional motifs of wild deer and pigs, there are also pieces that will please fishermen, horse lovers, and the Nature-lovers in general.

rustic ceramics

Rustic ceramics from Carlsbad

Czech rustic ceramics produced in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad). Suitable for your kitchen, cottage, house or pension.

Traditional Czech ceramics

Czech Porcelain | folk dolls, Bohemian ceramics, gifts

Traditional Czech porcelain: ceramics from the Sumava Mountains called "Chod ceramics." The
old Chod porcelain products feature traditional hand-painted patterns from the Chod region. We offer a wide range of products in two versions: either with black and white decorations, or other patterns upon request.

The Chodové (Chod people, which in translation means Walkers, Patrollers or Rangers) were probably originally of Sorbian origin. They have been living in the southern part Bohemia since the 13th century where they guarded the borders between Bohemia and Bavaria. The Chodové speak their own dialect of the Czech language and take pride in their heritage crafts.

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