battle ready shields

Battle ready shields

Functional shields for viking and medieval re-enactment and for HMB fights (Battle of the Nations).

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  • Hungarian Shield, 15th century, red, white

    Catalogue number: LHS22
    Price: 220.00 €
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    Replica of a Hungarian shield. Inspired by shields from Gladiatoria (15th century German manuscripts), similar shields were common in central European countries. size 190 x 630 mm
  • SOLARIS, medieval fist shield

    Catalogue number: APW167
    Price: 165.00 €
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    SOLARIS, medieval fist shield.

    • Size: 1.4 x 28.5 cm
  • Medieval Shield HMB, oval

    Catalogue number: BRS39
    Price: 119.00 €
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    Medieval Shield for HMB, oval. It is based on shields used in the 14th and 15th centuries. The shield is for protection as well as attack as you can strike a blow with it. The edges made of rawhide. The shield is held by a system of leather belts. The body is made  of three layers of oak plywood.…
  • BUCKLER, black colour, living history authencity, battle ready

    Catalogue number: BRS38
    Price: 95.00 €
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    Buckler for re-enactment purposes.

    • Material: beechwood plywood 12 mm thick, textile, iron
    • Shield boss: 2.5 mm thick
    • 30cm in diameter
    • Handle wood/metal
  • HMB Almond Shaped Shield

    Catalogue number: BRS37
    Price: 130.00 €
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    Medieval HMB shield. Made of three layers of beech plywood, thickness 3 mm,  overall thickness: 9-10 mm. Size: 71 cm x 37 cm. Coated with linen and trimmed with rawhide.

  • NORMAN SHIELD, Kite shield, covered by linen

    Catalogue number: LHS17
    Price: 170.00 €
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    Norman shield - X. - XII. century. Materials: plywood, linen, rawhide. Constructed for re-enactment combat. Height: 125 cmWidth: 53 cm

    Catalogue number: LHS14
    Price: 125.00 €
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    Size: Size: height 60 cm, max. width 30 cm. High quality beech plywood. Used mostly by HMB fighters. Shiled is covered by linen and rawhide.  Used mostly by HMB fighters.Shiled is delivered clear - without painting. 60 cm, max. width 30 cm. High quality beech plywood. Used mostly by HMB…

    Catalogue number: LHS16
    Price: 175.00 €
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    Size: height 60 x 80 cm. Three layers of 3mm thick high quality beech plywood was used. Shiled is covered by linen and rawhide.  Used mostly by HMB fighters.

  • BUCKLER, living history authencity, battle ready

    Catalogue number: BRS33
    Price: 92.00 €
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    Buckler for re-enactment purposes. Material: beechwood plywood 12 mm thick, textile, rawhide. Shield boss  2.5 mm thick, 30cm in diameter. Handle: wood/metal.

  • TALHOFER - BUCKLER, fist shield

    Catalogue number: BRS32
    Price: 92.00 €
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    Talhofer - fist shield. 30 x 41 cm.

  • PAVISE SHIELD, battle ready, covered with linen

    Catalogue number: BRS31
    Price: 160.00 €
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  • ROUND SHIELD, linen, rawhide

    Catalogue number: LHS10
    Price: 135.00 €
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    LH wooden shield (plywood) hidden in 2 layers of linen and rawhide around. Forged umbo. Diameter 70 cm, but can be also custom made.
    • Weight: 4.5 kg.
  • PAVISE with the painting

    Catalogue number: BRS29
    Price: 275.00 €
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    Copy of a shield (pavise) from South Germany (late XV. Century). Shield is made of wood and linen. Painting represents the coat of arms of the City of Schongau. Handmade in the Czech Republic. Custom made paintings are ACCEPTABLE. Size approx. 41 x 60 cm.

    Catalogue number: BRS28
    Price: 125.00 €
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    Hand made BUCKLER FOR COMBAT, inspired by medieval illuminated manuscript (see photo Material: plywood and steel. 28 cm in diameter, thickness of 1.3 cm. The handle of the buckler includes hook for hanging on the belt. Manufactured in the Czech Republic.

    Catalogue number: BRS22
    Price: 85.00 €
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    Material 1.5 mm thick iron plate.

  • FIST SHIELD, wooden holder

    Catalogue number: BRS17
    Price: 65.00 €
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    Combination of 1.5 and 2.00 mm iron plate. Cize cca 27 cm in a diameter.


    Catalogue number: BRS18
    Price: 110.00 €
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    Exclusive wooden battle ready fist shield. Size cca 21 cm in a diameter.

  • FIST SHIELD convexic

    Catalogue number: BRS16
    Price: 89.00 €
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    Hi-quality battle ready fist shield. Two layers, 1.5 and 2 mm plate, wooden holder. Cca 28 cm in a diameter.

  • Iron Battle Ready Shield

    Catalogue number: BRS15
    Price: 125.00 €
    Price before discount: 129.00 €
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    Fully usable gothic shield with leather belt and period buckle. Thickness of metal plate: 2 mm. Margins, horizontal and vertical axis are thickened by second layer of plate. Size cca 48 x 56 cm.

  • WOODEN GOTHIC SHIELD - battle ready

    Catalogue number: BRS14
    Price: 155.00 €
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    Armoured battle ready wooden gothic shield. Materials: plywood (1 cm) and metal plate (3 mm). Size of the shield: 46 x 62 cm. Excellent Reenactors Equipment for Medieval Era (Gothic).