Quality tactical belts, Shooting belts, Cobra belts, AustriAlpin buckles etc.

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  • KD One Belt Clawgear Multicam

    Catalogue number: TOR270
    Price: $99.85
    Availability: In stock
    Clawgear's nylon equipment is designed to increase the operator's performance and fightability. These products are optimized to be as versatile and lightweight as possible, the use of proprietary Tacticoat and Tacticoat Reinforced materials same time massively increases the durability and…
  • CQB Emergency Rigger Belt, Blackhawk!

    Catalogue number: TOR117
    Price: $61.93
    Availability: 1-2 weeks
    A longtime bestseller at Blackhawk, the CQB Rigger's Belt is Mil-standard certified and built with parachute-grade buckles and adapters for unparalleled strength and support.This belt is adjustable. Size M is up to 105cm, size L up to 130cm and primarily used in combination with equipment belts.- 1…
  • Tactical Belt, vz.95

    Catalogue number: TOR7
    Price: $56.87
    Availability: In stock
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    Tactical combat belt vz.95.  Can be used in conjunction with the carrier straps, vest and so on.  Length ca. 75-cm belt can allow the overall length of ca. 126 cm + buckle ca. 6 cm

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