About us

Wulflund was founded in 2005 probably as the first Czech pagan and re-enactor's shop.  Since that time we have devoted most of our life to this passion.  We know that a connection to our history is an essential part of our future.



Join us on a journey back to the time when the pagan Gods ruled the earth, the heavens, the waters and the Underworld. Despite the fact that many centuries have passed, these paths have not completely disappeared. Now we can walk on them together and discover the old traditions and strengthen the old traditions and faith in the old Gods. Visit our workshopsDownload our Wulflund Catalogue.

Together with skilled smiths, armourers, jewellers and leather workers we established our own product line - especially weapons, armour and jewellery.  Our products are continually in a developemental process and they reflect the specific requirements of re-enactors during combat.  We deliver worldwide, indeed our arms and armour are sent to many members of the prestigious Battle of the Nations, which is an international Historical Medieval Battles (HMB) world championship.

Wulflund has two physical stores in Prague, we are worldwide Retailers and manitain our own workshops.

Kamenná prodejna Drakkaria WE COOPERATE:

  • Music bands (Wardruna, Myrkur, Enslaved, Amon Amarth)
  • Films and Tv Series (Vikings, Witcher, The Eagle, Warcraft, Walt Disney)
  • Game Studios (Kingdom Come)

Check more info about of services in film and music industry.

Vikings Tv Series

Re-enactors - various sword fighters (HMB) and re-enactor- Roman Legions, Slavic Warriors - Gromovoj, Daoine Ceilte - Celtic groups


Who we are - OUR TEAM:

Krak - during his studies of geology (Charles University, Prague) he founded this shop because of a need to spread native faith (paganism) and to have a shop for re-enactors in his country.  He is a co-owner, is the main product manager, designer and is a re-enactor.  Due to his Czech and Irish roots he re-enacts Iron Age and Slavic periods. Because of this wide range of interests he tests many of Wulflund's products.


Notable co-workers:

Katien - she is one of our true treasures.  She makes for us most of our graphic designs and drawings. Her profession is in scenography (performance design) for the theatre.  She is very skillful in wood carving and puppet making.  She loves Finland and Indonesia where she had spent one year with the local woodcarvers.


Go back with us to the time when the pagan Gods ruled the world (They still rule), when nature gave and took, and when man was in harmony with the world.  Despite the passing of time, the old ways have never disappeared from our hearts, join us, it is time to rediscover the path!

Our historic store Wulflund finds its inspiration especially in the times of ancient history, mainly the Celts, who gave their name to our home of Bohemia (land of the Boii tribes), Slavs and Vikings. Our customers, however, have always demanded a variety of assortment from all historical periods. That’s why you can find here many products corresponding to the Roman, Gothic, Renaissance times, Napoleonic wars and also the present time.

We don’t tend to be ordinary businesmen. We deliver our goods to retail shops and we also offer the whole range of discounts to wholesale customers. The number of countries where we have our representatives is growing fast.

The shop WULFLUND (www.wulflund.com) has an e-shop that specializes in selling our line of unconventional goods to ordinary customers and wholesalers.  We are interested in equipment for historical swordplay, LARP (Live Action Role-Playing Game) and HMB (including Battle of the Nations).  We also offer products that are inspired in ancient and medieval times that are adjusted to suit our modern common lives (jewellery, clothes etc.), we understand our choices are controlled by our pagan hearts :) Members of our Wulflund team have extensive experience in swordplay, and based on this we can offer you products of the highest quality guided with our expert advice.

Have you realized that the Czech Republic is probably the biggest producer of combat functional swords weapons and armour in Europe?  In the historical markets in your own country you can buy similar goods for a much higher price than we offer you.  Wulflund is situated in the centre of Europe’s Armoury.  We are able to deliver you swords, axes, polearms, everything - directly from our working smithy and artisans to worldwide customers, without a 'middle man'.

Our recent trade achievements include;

  • Sales of complete equipment sets for historical fencing groups across Europe,
  • Delivery of props for childrens camps,
  • Decorations for restaurants (Celtic restaurant Kilfenora, gothic restaurant in Jihlava and more)
  • Interior design pieces for apartments, and
  • Exhibitions, including;
  1. The world famous exhibition of Charles IV - Emperor by the Grace of God, in Prague Castle.
  2. The Lords of Rožmberk (Rosenberg) exhibition.
  3. The monastery of Vyssi Brod.  
  4. Project Celtic Europe – the castle of Nizbor (Celtic replicas).

We sell also authentic musical instruments (namely Irish drums) to groups which play historical, Irish and country music.

We are full of enthusiasm and enjoying our work, we look forward to hear your comments after receiving our products.

During trade transactions we promise to you fair-dealing, because our pride is the most valuable thing that we have.  We may all pass on from this world, but our name lives on forever...