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Magic candles

Candle Magic - exporter of ritual candles, folkloric magical, occult candles, spiritual candles, offertory candles, figural candles and votive candles. Our candles are hand-coloured.

These candles are for usage or decoration.

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  • DOMOVOI CANDLE, Slavic guardian of your home

    Catalogue number: MGC23
    Price: $13.90
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    DOMOVOI (or Domowik) is, in Slavic folklore, a house spirit and every house is said to have one. DOMOVOI is a guardian of the house and he sometimes helps with household or field work. He lives under a thresholds or under the stove. It is important to maintain a good relationship with Domovoi…
  • Luck Spell Candle - Sandalwood

    Catalogue number: fig119
    Price: $10.11
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    Luck Spell Candle - Sandalwood. Height: 9 cm. Imported from England.

  • Protection Spell Candle - Lavender

    Catalogue number: fig103
    Price: $11.37
    Availability: In stock
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    Protection Spell Candle - Lavender. Size: 9cm.

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