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Mead, Honey and Cordials

Natural Mead, Honey and Cordials from South Bohemia.


Mead Celtic Ancient

Mead is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey with water. Sometimes fruits or spices are added. Mead was produced in ancient history throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. It has played an important role in the mythology of some peoples. In Norse mythology, for example, the Mead of Poetry was crafted from the blood of the wise being Kvasir and turned the drinker into a poet or scholar.

Unfortunatelly we cannot ship our Mead but you can purchase it from our shop in Prague.

honey products

Honey products

Honey products and honey directly from the beekeeper. Czech honey and propolis.

Cordials from South Bohemia

Cordials from South Bohemia

Cordials from South Bohemia, the Czech Republic, that combine usual ingredients in an unsual way. The cordials contain:

  • sugar from Czech sugar plants
  • largely BIO ingredients however the cordials are not classed as BIO
  • chemically untreated hand picked fruit

Cordial do not contain:

  • chemical coloring
  • arfifical aroma
  • gum arabic
  • stabilisers
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