chain mail armour

Chain mail armour

Due to the constant demand from our customers for riveted chainmails, we have established a partnership with Deepeka, a leading and proven global manufacturer of this type of merchandise. The chainmails are produced in India, allowing us to offer you very favorable prices.

When it comes to the authenticity of your equipment, you should consider the idea of riveted chainmails, which are almost non-existent in historical records. Riveted armors also have much less tendency to tear.

There are several importers of chainmails into the Czech Republic. So, why choose us?

  • We have dozens of armors in various sizes in stock.
  • Before making the actual purchase, you can physically try on your armor in our brick-and-mortar store in Prague.
  • With cash-on-delivery shipping, you have the option to return the goods within two weeks. You don't pay us any prepayments in advance.
  • Changes to the armors according to your preferences are possible.
  • Another advantage is the low price, as we have decided to be affordable, which you can also consider as an expression of gratitude for the support during our operating time.


The steel wire used for making chainmails is not coated with any outdated surface treatment that would devalue the product. Note that you need to take care of your armor - every armor requires regular cleaning and oiling.

Commonly available armors have rings with a circular diameter of 1.2 mm and an inner diameter of 6 and 8 mm.

Upon request, we can import custom-made armors with rings of different thickness and different inner diameter. The material doesn't have to be just steel but also aluminum - so-called lightweight aluminum armors for film and theater. Feel free to contact us with such a request.

The goods are imported in containers via sea freight with a frequency of 3-4 times a year.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in our offer, please send us custom orders.

7.73 $1 008.85 $
  • $775.69 Catalogue number: CMA23 Upon request
    - +
  • $122.65 Catalogue number: CMA22 Upon request
    - +
  • $832.05 Catalogue number: CMA12 Upon request
    - +
  • $738.13 Catalogue number: CMA13 Upon request
    - +
  • $1,008.85 Catalogue number: CMA14 Upon request
    - +
  • $290.61 Catalogue number: CMA15 Upon request
    - +
  • $253.04 Catalogue number: CMA16 Upon request
    - +
  • $253.04 Catalogue number: CMA17 Upon request
    - +
  • $7.73 Catalogue number: CMA19 Upon request
    - +
  • $317.13 Catalogue number: CMA10 Upon request
    - +
  • $104.97 Catalogue number: CMA11 Upon request
    - +
  • $850.83 Catalogue number: CMA8 Upon request
    - +
  • $738.13 Catalogue number: CMA9 Upon request
    - +
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