Mead is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey with water. Sometimes fruits or spices are added. Mead was produced in ancient history throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. It has played an important role in the mythology of some peoples. In Norse mythology, for example, the Mead of Poetry was crafted from the blood of the wise being Kvasir and turned the drinker into a poet or scholar.

Unfortunatelly we cannot ship our Mead but you can purchase it from our shop in Prague.

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  • VELES, MEAD from the Giant Mts., 500 ml

    Catalogue number: MED24
    Price: 8.00 €
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    Traditional mead from honey produced by bees in the Krkonoše Monuntains (The Giant Mountains), the Czech Republic. The honey is fermented, not heated, thus all the benefits of natural honey are preserved. Only available from our shop in Prague, shipping is not possible. Best served chilled. …
  • Ceramic set for Mead

    Catalogue number: CDM90
    Price: 49.00 €
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    Ceramic Gift Set for hot mead. Teapot, two cups and tea light candle holder for heating of mead.

  • BOHEMIAN MEAD from the Giant Mts. 500 ml

    Catalogue number: MED19
    Price: 9.00 €
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    Traditional mead from honey of the Krkonoše Monuntains (The Giant Mountains). We cannot ship it. You can only buy it personally in our shop in Prague.

    • Alcohol: 12.50
    • Volume: 500 ml
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