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Forged products

An artistic smithworks and locksmithworks - flint and steel, jewellery (torques - see the photo), spears and javelins, billycans, horseshoes, cutlery, smith's hammers and clothes racks.

3.06 $417.9 $
  • ARCADA - TRELLIS Forged Garden Décor

    Catalogue number: AEK01
    Price: $163.08
    Availability: 2-3 weeks
    - +
    • 80 x 160 cm
  • Shoehorn, forged, luxury design

    Catalogue number: FPR198
    Price: $84.94
    Availability: In stock
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    Forged shoehorn in a stylish design. Length: 62 cm.

  • BLACK WIDOW, forged spider figure

    Catalogue number: FPR179
    Price: $141.57
    Availability: 3-4 weeks
    - +

    Hand forged statue of a really disgusting spider :) Width: 20 cm. Material: steel, black anti-rust finish. Hand forged in the Czech Republic.

  • IRON BOTTLE OPENER, hand forged

    Catalogue number: FPR105
    Price: $26.05
    Availability: In stock
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    Hand forged beer bottle opener. Size approx. 7 x 15 cm.

  • PYRAMIDE, forged candlestick

    Catalogue number: FPR187
    Price: $60.02
    Availability: In stock
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    Massive forged candlestick for larger candles.

    Size: 8 x 8 cm, height: 15 cm, candle diameter: 4.5 cm.


    Catalogue number: FPR116
    Price: $29.45
    Availability: In stock

    Hand forged bracelet with anti-rust coating.

  • Medieval Skewer hand forged, iron

    Catalogue number: FPR841
    Price: $15.86
    Availability: 1-2 weeks
    - +

    Medieval Skewer - hand forged

    • Length approx. 23 cm
    • Production: Arma Epona
  • LION historical fire steel, bronze

    Catalogue number: BHJ775
    Price: $55.49
    Availability: In stock
    - +

    Historical fire steel with a bronze lion. The fire steel is fully functional and made by Arma Epona forge.

    • Dimensions: 3.5 x 8.2 cm
    • Material: steel and bronze - lost wax casting
  • OIL LAMP, replica of a medieval lamp from silver mines in Kutna Hora

    Catalogue number: FPR114
    Price: $47.57
    Availability: 2-3 weeks
    - +
    Hand forged replica of a medieval oil lamp from Kutna Hora silver mines (central Bohemia).

    Catalogue number: FPR101
    Price: $15.86
    Availability: In stock
    - +

    Old renovated horse shoe. Every horseshoe is a different.

  • THOR'S HAMMER and SHIELD door knocker

    Catalogue number: FPR863
    Price: $123.44
    Availability: In stock
    - +

    Original handmade door knocker in the form of Mjöllnir and a Viking shield. We also produce and supply with two nails.

    • Shield diameter: 13 cm
    • Height: 20 cm
    • Production: Arma Epona forge

    Catalogue number: FPR92
    Price: $16.99
    Availability: In stock
    - +

    Hand forged and functional firesteel.

  • VOLUTE, forged candlestick

    Catalogue number: FPR190
    Price: $39.64
    Availability: In stock
    - +

    Forged candlestick on a larger candle.

    Size: 9.5 x 4.5 cm, height: 18 cm, candle diameter: 4.5 cm.

  • Forged tealight candle holder

    Catalogue number: FPR191
    Price: $26.05
    Availability: In stock
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    Hand-forged Iron Candle Tealight Holder. material iron length 10 cm width 4.5 cm height 14 cm for candle diameter 3.5 cm The photographs are for illustration purpose only. Our products are hand made and as such they may differ in their appearance and dimensions. Please contact us if you would…
  • SMITH's ANVIL, sterling silver pendant

    Catalogue number: FGJ155
    Price: $36.24
    Availability: In stock
    - +
    ANVIL Sterling SILVER 3D Pendant for blacksmiths and fans of this ancient craft, cast as a whole. Material sterling silver Size 1.1 x 2 cm Weight 6.8 g

    Catalogue number: FPR21
    Price: $12.46
    Price before discount: $13.59
    Availability: 2-3 weeks
    - +

    This hand-forged iron fork is inspired by a find from a famous Celtic locality – oppidum Zavist near Prague. Ideal in the combination with Celtic knives.


    Catalogue number: FPR141
    Price: $100.79
    Availability: In stock
    Skilfully Hand Braided and Hand Forged Large STEEL TORQUES. Torque (troq or torc), from Latin torques - to twist, is a common name for all rigid metal neck rings, that our ancestors had been wearing since the Bronze Age. Torcs were popular with the Romans and it is considered a typical Celtic…
  • VESUVIO Portable Fireplace Arma Epona Forge

    Catalogue number: AES47
    Price: $254.82
    Availability: 3-4 weeks
    - +
    Portable fireplace consisting of two parts - the fireplace itself with two handles and the base. The fireplace has holes in it for water drainage. The fireplace is intended for outdoor use only and is easy to carry. Diameter: 60 cm Base height: 39 cm Overall height with fireplace: 48 cm Production…
  • Forged Adjustable Pot Hanger With Trammel Hook

    Catalogue number: FPR741
    Price: $118.91
    Availability: 2-3 weeks
    - +

    Forged Adjustable Pot Hanger With Trammel Hook with a forged sculpture of a dragon.

    • Basic length: 81 cm
    • In extended condition: 131 cm
    • Made by Arma Epona smithy
  • MONTE SOMA universal Grill and Fireplace Smithy Arma Epona

    Catalogue number: AEK04
    Price: $417.90
    Availability: 6-8 weeks
    - +

    Size: 80 cm in diameter.

    Height: 130 cm.


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