knives - outdoor

Knives - outdoor

Folding knives and knives with fixed blade - outdoor knives. Brands - Gerber, Wenger, Victorinox, Mikov.

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  • Ka-Bar - Kukri Machete

    Catalogue number: TOR501
    Price: $108.69
    Availability: 2-3 weeks
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    • Intended use: military / sports
    • Blade: 1095 carbon steel - HRC 56-58
    • Treatment Blade: Teflon
    • Handle: Kraton ® GBlade
    • Blade Thickness: 4mm
    • Total length: 430mm.
    • Weight: 600g.
    • Sheath: tactical leather and Cordura
  • Gerber Shard Keychain Tool

    Catalogue number: KNI303
    Price: $8.85
    Availability: In stock
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    Perhaps the most simply designed tool in your arsenal, this key chain companion should not be underestimated. With 7 essentials functions built in, this airline-safe tool is ideal for everyday travel and tasks. A titanium nitride coating protects against corrosion for long use. Features 7 Functions…
  • Knife Lansky World Legal

    Catalogue number: KNI301
    Price: $31.60
    Availability: 1-2 weeks
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    The new World Legal Urban Tactical Knife was developed with one goal in mind, make a great knife that anyone can carry, anywhere in the world. World Legal Knife Balancing form with function, the World Legal was born from one idea: make a great knife that can be carried anywhere in the world.*…
  • KNIFE Gerber set Paraframe Combo,Mossy Oak

    Catalogue number: KNI302
    Price: $35.39
    Availability: 2-3 weeks
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    Gerber Knives offers this special combo pack with both a Paraframe I folder and the smaller Mini Paraframe knife. The larger knife has a combo edge clip point blade, while the smaller has a plain edge clip point blade. Both finished with a Mossy Oak pattern handle. Features: Paraframe I Overall…
  • StrongArm Knife - Black, Plain Edge Gerber

    Catalogue number: KNI300
    Price: $112.49
    Availability: 4-6 weeks
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    With a full tang, 420HC steel blade and rubberized diamond-texture grip, this is a knife you can rely on. The MOLLE-compatible multi-mount sheath system offers optimal customization, keeping your knife ever at the ready in combat situations. Plain edge, full tang 420HC steel blade Ceramic blade…
  • PRAKTIK, Multifunctional Pocket Knife

    Catalogue number: TOR383
    Price: $27.81
    Availability: 1-2 weeks
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    PRAKTIK Multifunctional Pocket Knife with linerlock, contains bottle opener/screwdriver, can opener, cross screwdriver, pike and ring for attaching to a belt. material: blade - stainless steel 420, 53-55 HRc, handle - plastic ergonomic handle manufacturer Mikov, Czech Republic
  • CROCODILE, Pocket Knife with Backlock

    Catalogue number: TOR375
    Price: $27.81
    Availability: In stock
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    CROCODILE Pocket KNIFE with Backlock for everyday use, very light, resistant handle fits perfectly in the hand. material stainless steel blade 420-53-55 HRc, handle plastic manufacturer Mikov, Czech Republic
  • BRIGAND, Knife with Sheath

    Catalogue number: TOR376
    Price: $18.96
    Availability: 1-2 weeks
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    BRIGAND Knife with Sheath for work, outdoors as well as fishing.  material blade stainless steel 420, 53-55 HRc, handle hardened plastic manufacturer Mikov s.r.o., Czech Republic
  • FANG, Knife with Guard and Leather Sheath

    Catalogue number: TOR377
    Price: $35.39
    Availability: 1-2 weeks
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    FANG Knife with Guard and Leather Sheath favourite with outdoorsy people and hunters, ergonomical handle. material: blade, guard - stainless steel 420, 53-55 HRc, handle - hardened plastic manufacturer Mikov, Czech Republic
  • RESCUE, Multifunctional Knife

    Catalogue number: TOR378
    Price: $94.79
    Availability: 1-2 weeks
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    RESCUE Automatic Multifunctional Knife for the Emergency forces as well as difficult situations in everyday life. Easy to open with one hand. Includes standard blade, rescue blade, hook for safe cutting of seat belts, hammer for breaking glass, glass knife and belt klip. Tested by the Czech…
  • DIVER, Multifunctional Knife for Divers

    Catalogue number: TOR379
    Price: $145.35
    Availability: 1-2 weeks
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    DIVER Multifunctional Knife for Divers with Nylon Sheath mainly for emergency situations underwater. Contains tearing hook, partially serrated blade and glass hammer/breaker in handle. material: blade stainless steel 440A, HRc 565 hook for tearing fishing nets etc. partially serrated blade for…
  • Savanna Knife, Fixed Stainless Steel Blade

    Catalogue number: TOR352
    Price: $56.87
    Price before discount: $65.72
    Availability: In stock
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    Savanna Knife with Fixed Stainless Steel Blade by JACK PYKE. blade stainless steel, handle rosewood, sheath nylon total length 35 cm (13.5”) blade length 22 cm (8.5”) includes blade sharpener and firestarter
  • Morakniv Green Fixed blade - Stainless Steel - Green

    Catalogue number: TOR318
    Price: $22.75
    Availability: In 1 week
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    Morakniv Green Fixed blade - Stainless Steel - Green. Blade Stainless steel Handle Polyamide Sheath Plastic Weight: 134 g Overall length: 226 mm Blade length: 109 mm Blade thickness: 2.5 mm Country of origin: Sweden
  • Magnum Caveman Damascus

    Catalogue number: TOR246
    Price: $69.51
    Availability: In stock
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    Magnum Caveman Damascus knife.

    • Material of the blade: Damascus steel
    • Material of the handle: wood
    • Overall length: 19.4 cm
    • Blade: 8.2 cm
    • Width of the blade: 2.7 cm
    • Weight: 209 g
  • Böker Plus Piranha

    Catalogue number: TOR248
    Price: $74.57
    Availability: 1-2 weeks
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    Böker Plus Piranha - knife.

    • Material of the blade: 440-C
    • Material of the handle: G-10
    • Overall length 15.5 cm
    • Blade: 7.5 cm
    • Thickness of the blade: 3.9 cm
    • Weight: 101 g
  • Craftsman's Knife RFR

    Catalogue number: TOR234
    Price: $12.64
    Availability: In stock
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    Knife developed and adapted to meet the needs of craftsmen, with a blade made from stainless Japanese knife steel. The holster can be attached to both a belt and a button on your work clothes. If your belt is thick, cut away the small pin on the cover. It features a unique function for…
  • Craftsman's Knife HVK GH

    Catalogue number: TOR236
    Price: $12.64
    Availability: In stock
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    Craftsman’s knife with friction grip. Developed and adapted to the needs of craftsmen. It features a unique function for attaching the holster around a button on your work clothes so that it does not come loose whilst still being easy to remove. The cutting edge has been sharpened in several…
  • Morakniv 711

    Catalogue number: TOR223
    Price: $20.22
    Availability: In stock
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    Our all-round knives include everything from ergonomically designed knives for professionals to simpler utility knives. No matter your preference, the knife you choose will maintain its consistency, high-level quality, be sharp, and have maximum edge lifetime. With a blade of carbon steel and…
  • Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Parang Machete

    Catalogue number: TOR169
    Price: $65.72
    Availability: 3-5 weeks
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    The Bear Grylls Compact Parang is a modern version of the traditional jungle tribesmen's machete in a convenient size. Its blade makes short work of branches and vines. This Parang features an angled blade, ideal for clearing brush or limbs. Robust high carbon steel blade, enhances strength,…
  • Gerber Machete Junior

    Catalogue number: TOR168
    Price: $40.44
    Availability: 1-2 weeks
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    The Gerber Machete Junior is easy to carry given its compact and light weight design. Small enough to fit inside a backpack. 18.75 inch total length. The Gator Machete sports our proprietary Gator rubber grip for ergonomic control while using either the fine edge blade on one side, or the saw on…