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Historical Costumes and Props - production and rental at our physical shop in Prague, Czech Republic. We offer the possibility to rent costumes for sword fighting groups, historical films which are often shot in the Czech Republic, or for carnivals or team building in the medieval city of Prague. Please contact us on +420 606 326 270 or e-mail: with your specific requests.

Our crew

Our crew while making a video in Bohemia.


The Witcher (Netflix) - custom production of various props

The Witcher

Wardruna - Nordic folk, ambient, dark folk, Norway ( - jewellery


Enslaved, Myrkur -jewellery

Vikings - TV series - production of movie props

Vikings FB


Warcraft - delivery of swords fro training


Walt Disney - production of movie props for Walt Disney Imagineering

Waltr Disney

The Eagle - production of movie props

The Eagle

The boy called Christmas (Nextflix, 2019) - Sámi knives and leather pouches

The boy called Christmas

The Witcher 3 - PC game - cooperation with leading distribution company Cenega (Computer Entertainment) in the Czech Rep.

Witcher Witcher Cosplay

Amon Amarth - death metal ( - helmets, swords for stage show

Amon Amarth

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - PC Game ( - swords for backers, shields, long term cooperation (see more info). Swords were made by our smithy  Arma Epona

Kingdom Come Kingdom Come Swords

Daniel Landa - Czech famous singer ( - merchandise, jewellery, T-Shirts

Daniel Landa

Silver jewels for Tesla company, Czech Rep.

Tesla Tesla



Our smithy Arma Epona manufactured hundreds of swords for the backers of this game.