Blacksmithing and Swordsmithing

Forged Products, Swordsmithing, and Knifemaking

We honor the tradition of Czech artistic blacksmithing and swordsmithing since 2014 when we first ignited the fire in our own forge, Arma Epona. Our expertise lies in custom artistic metalwork - forged sculptures, sword, knife, and axe production. Our products have appeared in world-renowned films and series, and we crafted swords for Warhorse Studios (game Kingdom Come: Deliverance).

We produce a wide range of hand-forged products brought to life by our master blacksmiths. They embellish your home or garden. You can see the products of our blacksmith masters in our brick-and-mortar store in Prague, and you can also purchase them here in our online shop. Contact us with your custom blacksmithing requests.

Engaging in this craft means loving it. Why should you reach out to us?

Arma Epona Forge - Where Iron Comes to Life

Traditional blacksmithing techniques, deep knowledge of the craft, and modern machinery that saves labour, but above all, the experience of our craftsmen ensure that a top-quality item emerges from our workshop every week. Our specialty is crafting from Damascus steel.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance - the Game

Collaboration with the gaming studio - sword production

Production of several hundred forged swords for the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Great cooperation with Dan Vávra and his team, which enabled us to improve our manufacturing processes, acquire new machinery, and truly become a swordsmithing workshop. Saddlers and engravers also participated in the project.

Museums and Exhibitions

We produce for museums, fencers, and collectors

Our work often leads us to unconventional commissions. Worth mentioning is the production for the Military History Museum - replicas of surgical instruments from the Napoleonic Wars period. We produce for domestic and foreign museums - especially antiquities, Celts, and the Middle Ages.

Original Products and Custom Designs

Design and production of your goods

Are you a company needing to create your own product line, gifts for employees, etc.? Or do you have a store focused on history, outdoor activities, decorations, or traditional crafts and would like to expand your range? We can adapt to larger series. Forge in Prague. Personal consultation available. Get in touch with us.

Forge Equipment

Forging, grinding, welding

Our workshop is fully equipped for what we do. We work on professional belt grinders by Heim. While hands and hammer are fundamental, we also use pneumatic and spindle hammers. We weld, cast bronze and brass, and the operation also includes a carpentry workshop.

Knife Throwing - Adam Čeladín

Knife production for the world champion

Long-term cooperation with multiple world champion in knife throwing - Adam Čeladín. Under the brand Sharp Blades, we design and manufacture professional throwing knives and axes that belong among the world's best.

Production for movies and series

Brick-and-mortar store in Prague

Custom production for reenactors

Additional associated workshops

For products for your apartment, check out the artistic blacksmithing section. If you're interested in history, historical sword replicas will appeal to you. Have a custom knife forged for yourself.

We produce on demand

  • Fences, gates, grilles

  • Garden and home decorations

  • Cutlery and swordsmithing

Equipment for large orders

  • Movies and series

  • We equip museums and exhibitions

  • We produce for stores and markets - Wholesale

We ship worldwide

  • Courier delivery worldwide

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