Centrifugal Zinc casting

Production for retailers, filmmakers, craftsmen, fencers, bands, restorers, corporate merch

We use modern centrifugal casting equipment for zinc and tin. Together with our team of designers, jewellers, and 3D modelers, we form a creative team for your orders.
Modeling and casting of pendants, buckles, medals, coins, etc. Thanks to our manufacturing facilities and established processes, we can handle even larger orders for wholesalers and film production. If you have a stand, shop, or saddlery workshop, you can submit an inquiry. We collaborate with partners worldwide.

Wide application of zinc and tin casting

Assortment for shops, stalls, and castles. Merch for bands and sports teams. Quality products at a good price, directly from us

Years of collaboration with filmmakers. We manufacture and deliver quickly. Our references (Outlander, Witcher, Vikings...). If you have a similar order, contact us.

Saddlery components - production for leatherworkers. We custom-make belt buckles, tips, and decorative rivets. Take advantage of our saddlery workshop.

Production of advertising castings, for restorers: furniture hardware. Parts for historical automobiles. Machine parts. Commemorative plaques for municipalities and clubs.

Traditional methods as well as modern facilities

Production technology - from design to casting

Take a peek under the hood with us

It all starts with pen and paper, with the design concept. We collaborate with top designers to bring your idea to life or come up with one together.
We manually sculpt in wax (traditional method), and we can also create a master model from metal in our jewellery workshop. Most commonly, we utilize 3D modeling and printing. Ideally, the model is formed in the morning, and by the afternoon, we're already casting in bulk.
For casting, we use modern Italian machinery - melting furnaces, centrifugal casting machines for zinc and tin, vulcanizing presses. We are also equipped to fulfill requests for enamel application. We use high-quality zinc alloys and lead-free tin with options for electroplating: antique silver, antique brass, antique copper, gold plating. To enhance the appearance, we often use pressed Czech glass.
In our workshops, we integrate various crafts including a saddlery workshop and blacksmithing, adding value to our products.

Shop in bulk - Wholesale

For everyone! Our online store and physical shop serves retail customers.
Wholesale collaboration is ideal for anyone looking to resell goods, use them as corporate gifts, utilize them as components for production, or as props. We will create a tailored offer for you, so get in touch with us.

Who is the collaboration intended for?

  • Retailers
  • Craftsmen and manufacturers

  • Craftsmen and manufacturers

  • Film productions

  • Gaming and music merch

  • Promotional items, medals, commemorative coins

  • Castings for restorers - window and door hardware, knobs, plaques

  • Parts for historical automobiles, industrial, and machine parts

How production works

Take a look at our products - visit our online store

Build your brand - merch

  • Products with company logos

  • Merch for bands

  • Licensed merchandise

Custom-made souvenirs

  • Commemorative medals and plaques

  • Coin replicas

  • Products for sports teams

Wholesale with full support