KATI - scenographer and jewelry designer

South Bohemian artist Kati - Kateřina Štolcpartová Dobrá, Czech Rep., graduate of the Prague DAMU majoring in scenography. She collaborated on dozens of performances. People can recognize her work, for example, from the revolving auditorium of the South Bohemian Theater in Český Krumlov, her jewelry designs appealed to the creators of the series Vikings (History Channel), and her dragon bracelet is a pride of both the actors and the crew.

Kati - jewelery design Freya - Viking Goddess.

Kati výtvarnice

Scenography by Kati, Český Krumlov, CZ

Baron Prášil, Český Krumlov

Kati created a design for the cast and crew of the series Vikings, we then produced and delivered them to the filming location (Ireland).

Vikings Seriál Drakkaria

While staying in Indonesia for almost a year, she improved her skills in wood carving. Jember, East Java / Gianyar, Bali - Paripurna Art Center - collaboration with dalangs I Made Sidia (IND) and Peter Wilson (AUS). Theory and practice of wayang kulit and topeng (shadow puppetry and mask art).

South Bohemian theatre

Baron PrášilBaron Prášil