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The beauty of the moldavite, true South Bohemian nature, the night sky and the excitement of finding the moldavites. All this is included on this t-shirt from South Bohemian artist Katien. Many people fall for green magic. The T-shirt is intended for everyone who likes moldavites and South Bohemia.

Moldavite (vltavín) is a so-called tektite - meteorite glass (from the Greek tektos - molten). Tektites are found in various places around the world, but the most beautiful ones in terms of color and shape come from the region of southern Bohemia. Therefore moldavite, according to the river Vltava.

Their formation is connected with the impact of a meteorite with a diameter of about 1 km in the area of the cities of Nördlingen in Germany in the Miocene period (15 million years ago). Upon impact, the Tertiary sediments were transformed into a red-hot substance similar to glass and were transported by air mainly to southern Bohemia and southern Moravia. The green color is due to the iron content. Moldavites are now highly valued, especially in jewelry.

  • 100% cotton
  • quality print
  • own brand Perunika
  • printing in the Czech Republic

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