COMETA VLTAVÍN silver pendant Ag 925

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Moldavite is a combination of the Universe and the Earth. That's why we designed and created a unique jewel with cut Moldavite in the shape of a comet. The so-called tail of the comet is decorated with structures of long iron-nickel crystals, which are typically found in iron meteorites - Widmanstätten patterns.

Moldavite is a green meteoric glass that was formed during a meteorite impact 14.5 million years ago in the Nördlinger region of Bavaria, resulting in a crater 24 km in diameter. The meteorite was probably 1 km in diameter. The impact caused the local rock to melt, which was ejected into the air, cooled and then fell into an area 250 km away, in southern Bohemia.

You can have a piece of space history and South Bohemia with you.

  • Material silver 925, moldavite
  • Jewellery size: 20 x 45 mm
  • Weight of silver approx. 7,5 g

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