Hnefatafl or Tafl, Viking Board Game - wooden board only

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We offer you our original interpretation of the popular Nordic board game Tafl, artistically and symbolically envisioned by the artist Kati Štolcpartová. The one-eyed ÓDIN symbolizes the king, and his defenders are ravens. Against them, an army of sea serpents attacks from the sea. This game represents the Viking ships - longships attacking the king and his retinue.

Hnefatafl (also known as the "King's Table" in Old Norse translation) is a board game whose origins date back to around the 4th century. It is likely derived from the Roman game Latrunculi and the Greek game Petteia. The tafl game was popular throughout Northern Europe, and the Vikings spread it. Interestingly, the Sami played Tablut until the 13th century. The Norse considered it a high virtue to know how to play this game.

Rules of TAFL:

All pieces can move like a rook in chess in all directions until they encounter an obstacle.
Only the king can enter the central square and the corners of the game board; the remaining pieces can only jump over the central square in their move.
Each piece (except the king) is captured if it is sandwiched by enemy pieces from two opposite sides and cannot move anymore.
If a player moves the piece into this position on their own, it is not captured.
It is possible to capture multiple opponent pieces with one move.
The corners and the central square without the king can also be used for capture and represent a surrounded piece.
The king is captured if surrounded on all four sides or on three sides and the throne.
The king can be captured in the same way as other pieces.

Product description:

  • Engraved game board with a size of 24 x 24 cm
  • Size: 24 x 24 cm
  • The offer in this case includes only the game board, so you can make the game pieces yourself (leather, stones ...)
  • Own product

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