Comfort Bird Carving Hobby-Kit DIY01

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(catalogue number: BEV19)

Comfort Bird Carving Kit – Complete Starter Whittling Kit for Beginners Adults Teens and Kids DIY01

What does our whittling kit include?

  • 1 cherry and 1 basswood wood blocks
  • super sharp wood carving knife
  • properly sized birdie cut-out
  • cut resistant tape
  • premium quality leather strop kit
  • sandpapers
  • tutorials
  • beeswax

New Kit with which you will be able to carve a Comfort Bird.
You’re getting all the tools needed as well as step-by-step guide.

Have you ever heard about comfort bird? Those lovely birdies bring comfort to people who are anxious or have been through trauma, who are in physical pain or may be grieving a loss, who need some help, hug & talk.

All tools & wood carving supplies & tutorials provided in the wood carving kit will help you to carve the Bird out of Wood in ONE DAY! 

Product code: DIY01


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