Celtic Spoon Carving Kit – Complete Starter Whittling Kit DIY04

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Love Spoons are a wonderful style of wood carving that began in the mid-1600s as a courtship gift. Young men were creating such spoons to show love to the intended bride. The intricacies and themes carved on the spoon’s handle had symbolic meanings.

Today the giving of Love Spoons has been expanded to include wedding or anniversary presents, housewarming gifts, and even baby shower gifts. For those woodcarvers that sell their finished work, Love Spoons make an extremely eye-catching item at craft fairs and art shows. They have become a popular handcrafted art form. Handcarved love spoon would be a great idea for Saint Valentine’s Day. Hand-crafted gifts always show your true feelings much better than something bought.

BeaverCraft made a complete whittling starter kit that allows you to make a spoon with Celtic knots handle yourself without buying anything else as everything included in a box. This hobby starter kit is the best bet for 12+ years old kids, teens, adults.

Product code: DIY04

What does our whittling kit include?

  • Razor Sharp Wood Carving Knife + Spoon Carving Knife
  • Basswood Spoon Blank
  • Leather Strop + Polishing Compound
  • Safety Tape
  • Sandpapers
  • Step-by-step Booklet
  • Video Guide
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