DOMOVOJ, Slavic Grandfather Hospodaříček, round wheel, silver 925, 10 g

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Dědek Domovík or Dědek Hospodáříček (Polish: Domowik, Russian: domovoj, Serbian: domaći) is an elf whose existence is mentioned in mythology across Slavic nations. He is considered the protector of the house and its surroundings - the protector of the home.

It was believed, and perhaps still is believed, that this Grandfather is present in every household. They like to live under doorsteps or under the stove. It's good to maintain good relations with the Homies, so occasionally honour him with milk, biscuits or salted bread. Spread all this out on a white sheet in the room overnight. If you are moving to a new home, the old tradition says that the Homebody should go with you. So offer him a high boot to fit into and carry him to your new abode.

I should also warn you that the Homey can also get angry and cause you mischief: he leaves little muddy footprints, occasionally a plate breaks or plaster falls off. This is a sign that he doesn't like something, like the fact that you are arguing at home and not living in harmony with your surroundings. Make him feel better by changing your behaviour and making a sacrifice. Let the very respect for what our ancestors believed in bring happiness and peace to your home.

  • Material sterling silver 925
  • Size approx. 1,5 x 4,4 cm (measured with eyelets)
  • Thickness 0,7 cm.
  • Weight 10 g silver

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