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SVANTEVIT, Slavic God, pendant

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Copy of a wooden Slavic idol of the four-headed Slavic God Svantovit found in Jomsborg - Wollin (Poland).  Svantovit is a Slavic God of war, fertility and abundance.  He has four heads to protect you from all the sides.  Body of this pendant resembles the bark of the oak tree - the sacred tree of all European ancient cultures. 

Size: 5.3 cm. Material: pewter.  Made by Wulflund.

Old Slavic word "Svet" means MIGHTY or STRONG, not saint.  The end part "-Vit" means WINNER, MASTER or RULER.  Svantovit basically is a MIGHTY RULER.


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SVANTEVIT, Slavic God, pendant
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