Citadel Colour: Parade Ready Paint Set

(catalogue number: WAR1001024)

This bundle of 30 Citadel Colour Layer paints gives you access to a huge variety of hues and tones, allowing you to explore new and exciting colour schemes. This collection has been curated by our own painting experts to give you a wide range of options when painting your miniatures, and works perfectly with the Battle Ready Paint Set.* It provides a corresponding selection of paints to highlight your Battle Ready miniatures into a stunning Parade Ready collection.


This bundle includes the following 30 pots of paint:

- 1x Liberator Gold

- 1x Stormhost Silver

- 1x Wazdakka Red

- 1x Evil Sunz Scarlet

- 1x Tuskgor Fur

- 1x Doombull Brown

- 1x Deathclaw Brown

- 1x Skrag Brown

- 1x Ushabti Bone

- 1x Screaming Skull

- 1x Cadian Fleshtone

- 1x Kislev Flesh

- 1x Flayed One Flesh

- 1x Pallid Wych Flesh

- 1x Straken Green

- 1x Warboss Green

- 1x Nurgling Green

- 1x Warpstone Glow

- 1x Moot Green

- 1x Ahriman Blue

- 1x Altdorf Guard Blue

- 1x Calgar Blue

- 1x Fenrisian Grey

- 1x Russ Grey

- 1x Dawnstone

- 1x Administratum Grey

- 1x Flash Gitz Yellow

- 1x Yriel Yellow

- 1x Xereus Purple

- 1x Genestealer Purple


*Battle Ready Paint Set Sold Separately

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