Dungeons & Lasers: Roof set

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(catalogue number: ARCH23)

The Dungeons & Lasers: Roof Set includes 88 plastic components designed for constructing roofs. The entire system is modular, and with the included connectors, it can be combined with other products from the Dungeons & Lasers building range to suit the specific needs of your game!

This product is an excellent addition for enhancing your fantasy role-playing games (the entire Dungeons & Lasers product line is compatible with DnD 5th edition).

Box contains:

- 8x basic roof pieces
- 4x concave corners
- 8x convex corners
- 8x fill walls
- 24x double-sided trims
- 18x various wood-like trims
- 18x various stone-like trims
- 42x various clips
- 64x pins

The models are not pre-painted - it require cleaning, painting and occasional gluing. Modeling tools, glue and paints are not included.

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