Wood Carving Kit S16 - Whittling Wood Knives

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(catalogue number: BEV57)

Carving Kit All-in-One: if you don’t know how to begin your woodcarving journey, just do it with this Wood Whittling Kit. Buying it, you’ll get not only knives, but also basswood carving blocks.

Whittling Knife Ergonomic Design: the ergonomic handle of the woodcarving knives allows you to work many hours without feeling fatigue in the hands, specifically for those who appreciate comfort.

Wood Carving Knife Blade: made from high carbon steel, hardened and sharpened. As soon as you get the knives, you can immediately use them because they are sharp right out of the box.

Whittling Kit Wood Blocks: this kit includes 5 whittling basswood blocks to experiment and create beauty with. Basswood is soft, easy to carve and pale, so it allows you to paint as much as you want!

Carving Wood Knife Kit Made in Europe: the instruments have been created to address the needs of amateurs and professional woodcarvers. The set was made with love in the biggest European country - Ukraine.


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