BATTLE CAFTAN, plain, ca. 6th-14th century

2-3 weeks
(catalogue number: JHC101)

This combat garment could be used either as a stand-alone light armour or as a sub-armour garment worn, for example, under ring or lamellar armour. This is a hypothetical reconstruction based on a combination of surviving images and fragments from archaeological finds, taking into account the history of the caftan as a civilian garment.

Thecaftan as a clothing item penetrated Europe from around the 6th century onwards through nomadic peoples: Avars, Khazars, Hungarians and Cumans. In Europe, the kaftan as a civilian and sub-armour garment was found in the areas of contact with these peoples - mainly in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, but also partly in Central Europe, the Baltic and, thanks to transmission, perhaps a little in Scandinavia.

  • Material: cotton, linen
  • The garment is made to order
  • It is necessary to send the data according to the drawing, see picture 2 in the gallery




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