FIRESTARTER 50 mm, paracord

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(catalogue number: BUS741)

A ferrocerium firesteel is a tool that you use to start a fire with a spark. The principle of creasing is not at all complicated. It is based on the friction (drawing) of the blade) on the rod, which creates sparks, and they ignite the prepared flammable base. Most experienced travelers always have a firesteel with them and cannot compromise on its functionality. The main advantage is the distribution of fire regardless of the surrounding conditions, light weight and small size. Firesteel is a suitable accessory not only for enthusiasts and professionals, but also for beginners, as with its help you can easily light a fireplace, grill, fire pit. The set of firesteel with a handle, paracord and blade is an advantageous combination when you have a quality choker made of HSS steel and after unraveling 1.5 meters of 4 mm paracord for all-round use. A flintlock with a handle makes it easy to grip and does not slip out of the hand.

survival firesteel is made of Ferroceria (an alloy of Lanthanum, Cerium, Iron and other elements)
produces sparks with a temperature of up to 3000°C
can withstand a lot of beatings
cress even after soaking in water
easily ignites tinder, dry grass, birch bark, tinder, gas stoves and more
you can grind against any sharp edge (choke, the back of a knife, flint, and if you don't have any of these at hand, a sharp stone will do)
PARACORD 550 (TYPE III): Polyamide 100%, Diameter: 4mm, Min. load capacity: 550 pounds (249 Kg), Elongation: 30%, UV stabilized
the knife will add the right spark to the firesteel

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