Gerber set Prepare + Prevail Kit

Availability: 1-2 weeks
(catalogue number: TOR560)

GET READY AND SURVIVE! This unique Gerber kit will surely be the perfect helper in your struggle for survival. The Gator Bolo machete , the Gerber Fire starter, and the Gator EAB hand saw with the stylish Airlift Black fastener create four tools to conquer almost every obstacle. You cut your way, cut firewood, light a fire, and the small, lightweight Airlift closer is ready for smaller and easier jobs.


Based on the classic shape used in machetes for decades, the new Gator Bolo machete comes.

The almost 40 cm long 1050 stainless steel blade will give you a wide range of applications to fight for survival. Thanks to its full tang construction , which means that the blade passes the entire length of the machete including the handle, the machete is firmer and easier to handle.

For a firm and secure grip, it has an ergonomically shaped handle made of patented Gator® grip , fits comfortably in your hand and feels safe when you work. As an additional safety feature, there is a wrist strap to prevent the machete from falling out of your hand.

Of course there is a solid nylon waistband with belt loop , which prevents damage to the blade when not in use.


The key factor for survival in the wild is the ability to create fire. Whether to maintain body temperature, or to heat the food. You can rely on the Gerber Fire starter, it is small, light and works even when it is wet .


Another part of this survival kit is the small hand saw GATOR EXCHANGE A BLADE. This compact saw has replaceable premium steel blades and includes a wood blade and a smooth bone blade.

The blade is embedded in an ergonomic non-slip grip made of patented Gator® grip and the saw weighs only 306 g overall.


The compact folding knife with smooth blade and 5Cr13 steel blade will be appreciated by any EDC supporter . Together with the stainless steel handle it forms a solid steel construction.

The double protrusion per inch allows one-handed operation for both right and left handed users.

To ensure safety, there is used a fuse type framelock , which operates on the principle of the pen securing the blade. It is one of the simplest and most efficient blade securing solutions. With this lock, you can open the knife with one hand.


Fulltang design

weight: 725 g

blade material: 1050 Steel

handle material: Gator grip overmold

Housing material: Nylon

overall length: 572 mm

blade length: 394 mm



3Cr13 steel seat

ferrocerium bar

works even damp

cotton tinder

waterproof (IPX4) tinder case

whistle (100 dB)

dimensions: 11.9 x 2.3 cm

weight: 73 g



ideal for hunting and camping

Due to the closure design it does not take up much space

replaceable blades included (on bone / wood)

anti-slip grip Gator grip

weight only 306 g

supplied with case



lightweight and compact folding knife

suitable for everyday EDC wear

fuse framelock

smooth edge

modern design

5Cr13 steel blade

stainless steel handle

blade length: 71 mm

handle length: 106 mm

open length: 177 mm

closed length: 106 mm


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