Griddle Pan 38 cm with legs Muurikka, Finland

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(catalogue number: BCR06)

Muurikka Pan 38 cm with legs

  • Genuine and original Muurikka Pan
  • Suitable for open fire, electric grill, gas burner or other types of grills
  • Comes with 3 detachable legs
  • In terms of size, fits the grill plates of Tundra Grills perfectly
  • Very long-lived pan with care
  • Comes with use and care instructions
  • The pan can be used for cooking many kinds of foods: vegetables, sausages, pancakes, bubble and squeak…
  • Muurikka, Finland

A classic pan that only gets better over the years. Muurikka Pans are very versatile; you can use them on an open fire, in diverse grills etc. The 38 cm Muurikka Pan is well suited for use on the grill plates of Tundra Grills, or by the campfire on their legs. Well-suited for use on the Tundra Grill Notski or Muurikka Picnic Grill. With this sturdy pan, you can cook everything from appetisers to desserts. Proper care makes Muurikka Pan your lifetime partner.

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