RAM - RING, Ancient Rome, 3rd century, bronze

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The ram and especially the ram's head was used as a symbol on shields and banners. The ram is often associated with warriors.

The ram's head has been associated with various gods and religious cults. In Greece it is associated with the goddess Artemis and in Rome with Mars, the Roman God of War. In Greek and Roman literature it is also associated with heroes and warriors. For example, in the myth of the Argonauts, the ram's skin worn by the hero Iason was a symbol of his heroism and courage.

In some rituals and ceremonies, the ram's head was used as a magical symbol for protection, ceremonial offerings or other ritual purposes.

This symbolism may have varied in different periods and regions of ancient Greece and Rome, but the ram's head remained an important symbol of strength, courage and religious significance.

  • Material: bronze
  • Weight: 4g

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