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  • VELES, Slavic God, wooden idol

    Catalogue number: OSL34
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    Veles (also known as Volos) is a major Slavic God of Earth, Water and the Underworld.  He is mostly associated with cattle, musicians, wealth, magic and trickery.  This hand-carved wooden statue is 38 cm tall.  Wood is in natural colour, if you want, you can make it darker by staining.
  • Hussite Shield, pendant

    Catalogue number: OSL33
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    Hussite Shield, pendant. The Hussites were a protestant movement following the teachings of Czech reformer Jan Hus who was burned for this teaching by the Roman Catholic Church in Konstanz. His death unleashed a large rebellion within the Czech lands (also in the southern parts of Poland) that…

    Catalogue number: SBR122
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    Bronze Belt Stud Replica from Russia, the 9th-10th century. 3 nails for fastening on reverse.

    • Size approx. 1.8 x 1.8 cm
    • Weight 3 g

    Catalogue number: HOT26
    Price: $328.61
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    Slavic - Viking Helmet (Russia).

    • 1.5 mm iron plate

    Catalogue number: SBR114
    Price: $18.96
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    An EAR CUFF EARRING inspired by a Slavic artefact. Price per one piece.

    • Material sterling silver
    • Size 1.7 cm inner diameter
    • Weight approx. 2.9 g
  • SILVER SLAVIC GOMB, bead, silver 925

    Catalogue number: SBR93
    Price: $21.49
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    The Gomb - a silver Slavic/Viking button or a silver bead for your necklace. Material: 295 silver Size 1 x 1.3 cm Weight approx. 3 g
  • Ancient Higher Leather Shoes

    Catalogue number: ANB03
    Price: $157.98
    Price before discount: $161.78
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    Shoes for universal age: Celtic, Scottish and Irish, or Roman, Early medieval, Slavic Era. Shoes hold and protect your ankle  better than ordinaly lower shoes. These shoes were developed escpecially for sword-fighting re-enactors. Hand made in the Czech Republic.

    Catalogue number: OSL31
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    The Coat of Arms of Bohemia (since 12th century) - double-tailed lion as a pewter pendant.  The facial expression of this lion is not a mute national symbol, it overflows with pride, fighting spirit and the proper portion of anger.  Today the state may not be in optimum condition, but this lion,…
  • VIKING SWORD - nut pommel

    Catalogue number: VSW13
    Price: $195.90
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    Viking Sword with Rivetted Pommel constructed BLUNT for historical fight.

    • total length 93 cm
    • length of blade 77 cm
    • guard length 13 cm
  • LOTHBROK, norse viking sword

    Catalogue number: VSW09
    Price: $208.54
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    Viking Sword constructed blunt for historical fencing.

    • material high carbon spring steel 54SiCr6
    • overall length 95 cm
    • length of blade 77 cm
    • guard length 12 cm
  • LIME LEAF/BASSWOOD - key ring charm

    Catalogue number: OSL29
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    Lime Leaf Keychain carved from deer antler. Lime tree, also known as linden tree or basswood, is the national tree of the Czech Republic and an official panslavic symbol. material: deer antler leaf length: 3 cm
  • RECE BOGA - Slavic Amulet

    Catalogue number: OSL28
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    Leather round amulet with hand-encarved Slavic symbol. This symbol is known from Slavic excavations (brooches, pottery etc.) and represents Supreme God and universe. For Slavs is this cross associated with fire and life (generally associated with the Sun). The symbol itself consists of a large…
  • SLAVIC POTTERY, Bohemia - large

    Catalogue number: CDM26
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    Height: 18 cm.


    Catalogue number: CDM25
    Price: $20.22
    Availability: 4-6 weeks
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    Size: aprox 10 cm.


    Catalogue number: CDM17
    Price: $30.33
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    Slavic pottery - inspiration in Budec ceramics (Bohemia). Height: 15 cm.

  • COAT OF ARMS - BOHEMIA - pendant

    Catalogue number: OSL22
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    Two-tailed lion is a symbol of my country since Middle Ages. This product can be useful gift for a person of Czech ancestry. Czech minorities are significant in USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Australia or RSA. Material: pewter (white metal). Size: 3,8 x 5 cm.

  • SVETOVID - massive silver amulet, silver 925, 17 g

    Catalogue number: SBR45
    Price: $99.85
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    Made after a find of a wooden Slavic idol of a four-headed Slavic God Svantovit from Jomsborg - Wollin, Poland).  Svantovit is a Slavic God of war, fertility and abundance. He has four heads to protect you from all sides. Body of this pendant resembles the bark of an oak tree - sacred tree…

    Catalogue number: OSL10
    Price: $26.54
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    Material: artificial stone. Size: 150x180x20 mm; 0,7 kg.


    Catalogue number: OSL11
    Price: $60.67
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    Material: artificial stone. Size: 65x225x45 mm; 0,8 kg.


    Catalogue number: OSL16
    Price: $25.28
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    Material: artificial stone. Size: 225x185x20 mm; 1,0 kg.