TORCH 90 minutes

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(catalogue number: MTE33)

Torches crafted from traditional materials using a unique original technology, long lasting bright flame without an unpleasant smoke and smouldering, easy to handle. A great accompaniment to historical events such as markets and parades as well as social events, fire shows or outdoor gatherings.

  • material: cotton and paraphin (kerosene) on paper tube
  • overall length 52 cm
  • flamable part length 40 cm
  • ideal time of burning 90 min

Time of burning stated for ideal conditions i.e. fixed, in upright possition and wind free area.

How to use: after lighting the wick place the torch in upright possition away from flamable objects. After the torch burnes out extinguish the rest with water. The torch stays intact while burning.

Warning: only for use outdoors. Keep away from children. Store in a dry place in temperatures up to 50°C. Tested by České Budějovice Technical Testing Authority. 

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