VIKING RING adjustable, Borre style, silver 925/1000

2-3 weeks
(catalogue number: SBR1699)

Viking silver ring in Borre style, detailed workmanship, solid jewelry weight and adjustability (ranging from 1.8 - 2.3 cm). Vikings loved to adorn themselves, you can too.

The Viking Borre style is typical for its ornamentation and motifs, which are often based on animal and intertwined patterns, especially snakes, dragons, birds and bears. The Borre style appears on a variety of objects, including jewellery, weapons, vessels, stone tablets and wooden structures. It is named after the Borre site in Norway and is typical of the period around the 9th to 10th centuries

Other styles include Oseberg, Jelling, Mammen, Ringerike and Urnes. Each of these artistic styles has its own characteristics.

  • Ring weight: 7 g
  • Adjustable size
  • Width: 9 mm
  • Material: Ag 925/1000


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