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For decoration

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  • T-800 Terminator Box, Terminator 2

    Catalogue number: fig202
    Price: $55.49
    Availability: In stock
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    This T-800 Terminator head has shed all human flesh, exposed hydraulics overlaid on a metallic skeletal structure that mocks humanity. Red eyes stare straight ahead unblinkingly. The front of the skull can be removed to reveal a surprisingly spacious storage space. Cast in the finest resin…
  • ROHAN, medieval sword forged, sharp replica

    Catalogue number: MSW194
    Price: $430.36
    Availability: 3-4 weeks
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    Forged One-handed Sword with Sharp Blade for Collectors. The shape is based on the 14th and 15th century swords. Sharp blade - not for historical combat. Superior performance and quality by Arma Epona Smithy, Praque, Czech Rep. Material high carbon steel 54SiCr6 Total length 101 cm Blade length…
  • Scottish Backsword, 16th Century, exact battle ready replica

    Catalogue number: OSW30
    Price: $383.93
    Availability: 20-25 weeks
    Battle ready replica of a Scottish basket hilted sword. We made this sword on special request from a Scottish customer according to an original sword from 1560 CE. Made by Wulflund. Material 54SiCr6 spring steel  Hardness approx. 50 - 52 HRC Overall length 94 cm Blade length 79 cm Width…

    Catalogue number: ASW20
    Price: $137.04
    Availability: Unavailable
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    Roman Gladius Sword with Scabbard. This sword is supplied with a blunt edge but the end point is sharp - not intended for combat. Overall length 69 cm length of blade: 47 cm width of blade at the guard: 4 cm width of guard 6 cm point of balance approxs 8 cm below the guard weight: 0,74 kg
  • German Executioners Sword

    Catalogue number: MSW88
    Price: $293.32
    Availability: 4-6 weeks
    • Total length of the sword 105 cm
    • Length of the blade 78 cm
    • Riveted pommel
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