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We offer you our original take on the popular Nordic board game Tafl, artistically and symbolically conceived by the artist Kati Stolcpartová. The king is symbolized by the one-eyed Odin and his defenders are ravens. Against them an army of sea serpents attacks from the sea. This game represents the attack of Viking ships - dragonriders on the King and his retinue.

Hnefatafl (or King's Table in Old Norse) is a board game that dates back to about the 4th century. It is probably derived from the Roman game latrunculi and the Greek game petteia. The game of tafl was popular throughout northern Europe and was spread by the Vikings. Interestingly, the Sami played tablut until the 13th century. The Norse considered it a high virtue to be able to play the game.

The rules of TAFLU:

  • All stones can move like a rook in chess in all directions until they hit an obstacle.
  • Only the king may enter the center square and the corners of the board; the other stones may only skip the center square in their move.
  • Each stone (except the king) is captured if it is so pinned by enemy stones on two opposite sides that it can no longer move.
  • If a player moves a stone into this position himself, it is not captured.
  • It is also possible to capture more than one opponent's stone in one move.
  • The corners and the center square without the king can also be used for capturing, thus representing one encircling stone.
  • A king is captured if it is surrounded on all four sides or on three sides and by a throne.
  • The king can be captured in the same way as the other stones.

Product Description:

  • 37 playing pieces made of zinc
  • Custom product
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