SHEPHERD'S AXE, etched Carpathian axe

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(catalogue number: VAL42)

The Wallachian axe (also called a baton or tenčica) is a shepherd's axe that inherently belongs to the Wallachians and other peoples from Moravia through Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania. It had and has a truly universal use.

The Wallachian axe is not only a symbol of the freedom of the Carpathian people who guarded the borders, like the Chods, but also a practical tool for the outdoors.

It is mainly used as:

  • Personal, hunting and throwing weapon
  • Travel stick
  • For rubbing off the summer
  • To slaughter sheep
  • As an attribute of the weapons dance and part of the costume

Forged from a single piece. Decorated with pewter. Product of the Czech forge Arma Epona.

  • Length: 94 cm
  • Head length: 14 cm
  • Blade length: 5 cm
  • Sharpness: sharp
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