VESNA, Slavic pendant, Moravia Magna Empire, bronze Garnet

In stock 3 - 4 pcs
(catalogue number: BHJ1001)

Beautiful feminine Bronze Slavic Pendant with Lapis Lazuli, inspired by early Medieval artefacts from the 9th century CE, the time of the Moravia Magna (Great Moravian Empire), locality Stare Mesto, Na Valach, Czech Republic. 

According to Slavic Mythology Vesna is the Goddess of Youth, Life, Beauty, Love and Spring. She is often asscociated with the Goddess Lada. The birch, the first budding tree in spring, has been devoted to her.

  • Material bronze, garnet - almandine
  • Size 3 x 3.7 cm
  • Bale 6 mm
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