rings - historical jewelry

Rings - historical jewelry

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  • SLAVIA, Dark Age sterling silver ring

    Catalogue number: FGJ148
    Price: $63.19
    Availability: 1-2 weeks

    Adjustable Silver ring inspired by a Great Moravia artefact dating back to the 9th century, Czech Rep., Central Europe.

    • Material sterling silver
    • Diameter of top disk 1.5 cm
  • SERPENT, sterling silver ring

    Catalogue number: SBR289
    Price: $54.35
    Availability: In stock

    Knotted snake ring. Designed by Kati.

    • Material sterling silver
    • Weight 4 g

    Catalogue number: FGJ137
    Price: $45.50
    Availability: In stock

    Silver ring in the style of the early Middle Ages art of the Vikings and Slavs.

    • Material sterling silver
    • Weight 5.2 g
  • VIKING RAVEN HEAD RING, silver 925

    Catalogue number: SBR266
    Price: $45.50
    Availability: In stock
    Viking SILVER Ring with Raven Heads. The design of the heads is inspired by the Bamberg Casket dating to about 975 CE. This Scandinavian work is made of oak, walrus ivory, gilded copper and precious stones. Its replica is exhibited in the Bavaria National Museum in Munich, Germany. Design: Kati.…
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