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Vente en gros tchèque Moldavites Besednice Localité

Tchèque Moldavites (Vltavin) aucune copie en provenance d'Asie, Moldavites réels des entreprises officielles de cette Meteoritical qui manque le verre. Bijoux avec Moldavites - Grossiste

Czech Moldavites (Vltavin) - real Moldavites from our country. Jewels with Moldavites - WHOLESALE

is a green meteorite glass that was formed during a meteorite impact. It is named after the river of Vltava (the Moldau). Main localities are in the Southern Bohemia (Czech Republic).

Moldavites were formed before 14.5 mil. years in the area of Nördlinger (Bavaria, Germany) where the crater of Ries was formed (24 km in diameter). It is supposed that the meteorite had 1 km in diameter, impact caused melting of sedimentary rocks, they were cooled while they were actually airborne and most fell in the area of 250 km distant localities.

Moldavites are very rare. Thats why many cheaters try to make fakes (especially in China). We are manufacturers of Moldavite jewels and we select moldavites of the finest quality directly from the collectors. Our company guarantee to you real origin of Moldavites.

Wulflund Moldavite Jewellery

We are probably first jewellers who created a jewel that can be named: BOHEMIAN JEWEL (Bohemia - part of the Czech Rep.) - we combine moldavites and old jewellery methods of granulation and filigree - very popular methods in early medieval Great Moravian Empire.

Did you know that ...
- W.Churchill always took moldavite in his pocket?
- English Queen Elisabeth II. has moldavite jewel surrounded by diamond
- in Sountern Bohemia where moldavites are found was popular habit: husband gave to his wife moldavite to express his deepest feelings.

Our jewels have cosmic soul and memory of Earth.

Moldavites Moldavite Shop Value Properties
Here are some of our official gem expertises accepted by the Czech authorities that prooves natural origin of our moldavites:

Vlavíny - obchod v Praze Vlavíny - obchod v Praze

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